Cañón is a tango project from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Julio Coviello (bandoneón) and Nicolás Di Lorenzo (piano) lead the project. They are inspired by the tango dance and are particularly interested in the rhythmical aspect of the music. Afer more than 10 years of playing togheter they keep searching for new sounds, always faithfull to the essence of the genre. Going from electric distortion and acoustic sound in the bandoneon to a piano player who uses a kick drum with his left foot. The result is a combination of moments of orchestral sonority with the intimacy of a duo..
Having passed by some of the most important youth tango orchestras in Buenos Aires, Julio Coviello and Nicolás Di Lorenzo started playing together in 2009 when they founded the “Cuarteto Coviello” and since 2014 they are playing as Cañón. They started sharing stages with local indie rock bands and are now organizing their own vanguard milonga in Buenos Aires..

Due to Covid-19 all 2020 concerts were cancelled. We would really appreciate your support buying our album in Bandcamp. Click in the image below